Brand Logo

A brand logo is a visual symbol through which any business, organization, brand, company, product, or service is identified straight away. The logo designs are the most crucial part of brands’ identity and recognition. They are the intellectual property of the brands which are under trademark law and they build your brand by depicting your company name in an appealing and unique manner.

What is Brand Logo?

A brand logo is an emblem, stylized brand name, graphic mark, or symbol that enables one to recognize a company, organization, product, or brand. In today’s world, it is impossible to create a brand identity without a logo, and it has become an integral part of the creation of brand identity.

From an abstract, symbolic design to a stylized version of its name, a logo can take any of those forms.

From visual identification to drawing the attention of consumers, a good logo would serve all these purposes of brand recognition. One might make the mistake of thinking that the sole purpose of the logo is to provide instant brand recognition, but a logo can also convey some messages related to the brand through it.

History Of the Logo Design

In the year 1266, during the reign of Henry III, legislation was passed by England’s Parliament, which compelled all the bakers to use distinctive marks for the bread they sold. And it proves that the logo has been around for thousands of years.

Merchants during trade used simple, distinctive markings, symbols, or developed literal brands signifying makers of a product or type of products. The logo started its journey of evolution in the 19th century, with the introduction of trademark laws. With the passing of the Merchandise Marks Act in 1862, the Bass Brewery registered the first trademark and introduced the famous ‘Red Triangle’ logo.

What does a Professional Logo do?- How to use your Logo

When you make your own logo or download your logo, it can do so many favors to your brand. Some of the reasons why a brand should have a perfect logo are-

  • Creates a powerful first impression
  • Your custom logo would invite customers to interact with your brand
  • A brand logo helps you to create a brand identity
  • A perfect brand logo offers a company a symbol through which people can better remember them
  • A custom logo acts as business cards and distinguishes a brand from competitors
  • A custom logo fosters brand loyalty

Elements That Should Be Present In A Logo Design

1. A Design Conveying The Essence Of A Brand

One can consider a logo as the face of a brand, so a logo makes the first impression. Hence a logo should convey a brand’s values, business philosophies, and attributes that make the brand special.

While designing a logo, a brand needs to have a proper understanding of its target market. Design keeping the ideal customers in mind. Such a logo can both be meaningful and relatable for customers.

2. Select A Style

The first and foremost step towards designing a logo is selecting a style choice. Style ranges from

  • Word marks – Popular choice for the businesses that are getting started as it usually contains texts only. Usually, it is made of the business name or brand name.
  • Brand mark – Are generally found in universally-known organizations. As this design generally comprises an image or symbol.
  • Combination Mark – Provides the opportunity to stand out in the crowd. It offers the facility to use a company name along with a symbol or image.

3. Include The Business Name

In the case of Universally-known brands, it might not be required, but brands that are yet to reach that status should not forget to incorporate business names in their brand logos.

4. Use A Suitable Color Scheme

Researches state that colors can increase brand recognition by 80%, as colors have a strong influence on human minds. Colors can influence the preferences of customers by stimulating their emotions and behavior.

So consider referring to color psychology while creating a suitable color scheme for logo designing.

Types Of Brand Logo Designs

Brand Logo
Designer at work

1. Mascots

It is nothing but an illustrated character that acts as a logo of a company. Mascots are usually funny, colorful, cartoonish illustrations, those act as the ambassador for a business.

Examples of some famous mascots are KFC’s colonel, planter’s Mr. Peanut, etc.

2. Emblem

From the auto industry to schools or government agencies, the emblem is the go-to choice for these organizations. Emblem shares similarities with badges, seals, and crests, as it contains text inside a symbol or icon like them.

Having a classic traditional look enables them to make a remarkable impact on the mind of consumers. This type of logo is considered to be less- versatile due to its name and symbol entwined design.

Examples of some emblem are Starbuck’s mermaid and Harley-Davidson’s crest.

3. Abstract Logo Marks

When an abstract geometric form is utilized as a logo instead of icons or images, then that logo is referred to as an Abstract Logo Mark. Usage of this logo makes a brand unique as it conveys about a brand by creating unique symbols rather than depending on specific images.

The use of different colors and forms make it look unique.

Examples of some abstract logo marks are logos of Nike, Pepsi, etc.

4. Pictorial Marks

As the name suggests, these type of logos comprises icons, images or graphics-based images. Usually used by Universally-known companies, as one can recognize such brands through a single picture. Though not recommended for not-so-known companies.

Examples of some pictorial marks are the half-eaten apple of Apple brand, Twitter bird, etc.

How to Create a Logo for your Business

As a brand owner or logo creator, you may create a logo by following a few simple steps-

  • Know why you need a brand logo
  • Define your brand identity and incorporate that in logo templates
  • Find inspiration for your logo design and check out the competition
  • Choose your custom logo design style to find the right type of logo
  • Pay attention to color and choose the right typography
  • If you have hired a designer then communicate everything with your designer
  • Evaluate your logo options and share what not to do when designing a brand logo
  • Integrate your custom logo design into your brand

Top Online Logo Maker / Logo Generator to Customize Your Logo

For designing a new logo, you may use different logo makers that can let you make a free logo in minutes. Some of the logo generators to make a logo for free or design a logo from rich logo files are-

  • Wix Logo Maker
  • Tailor Brands
  • Canva
  • Free Logo Design
  • Graphic Springs
  • LogoMakr
  • Ucraft
  • Online Logo Maker
  • Designmantic
  • Shopify
  • Logo Type Maker
  • Zyro
  • Design Hill
  • Logo Maker
  • Squarespace


An effectively designed logo can help instant recognition of a brand. Again poorly designed logo can cause the decline of a brand. So one should carefully plan out the creation of a logo as it possesses the ability to popularize a brand name.

How important do you consider a logo for a brand? What is your favorite logo maker for the professional design of a brand logo?