Importance Of Communication

Communication is described as a dynamic process of transferring messages and information from one person to another in an easy, instant and effective manner. As can be seen from the meaning of it, there is a huge Importance of Communication in all phases of life. It has been acknowledged as the foundation for personal and professional development because it is communication both verbal and non-verbal that gets your thoughts, ideas, words, opinions, feelings, gestures and even silence across to other people. Conversing is an art for which an individual must be adept in communication.

To communicate effectively it is imperative to develop a connection between the sender and the recipient of the message. The understanding that we all are different and it will need a powerful medium to portray and receive the thoughts guide people to develop better communication skills. Most individuals have a misconception that communication is all about saying things but they fail to grasp that the most important part of communication is listening to the things which are said and what is left unsaid by reading between the lines.

1. Importance of communication in personal life

Importance of communication in personal life

The importance in personal life is enormous and it can be explained in a better manner through the following points

  • Communication is considered an irreversible and continuous process that helps to deal with various problems and concerns in daily life.
  • Effective communication results in care, bond, trust, and honesty and it is one of the most important ingredients for living a prosperous and happy life.
  • Communication skills are very important because it aligns people from different background in one direction so as to inspire development and growth in culture and society.
  • Communication skills help to remain calm in the face of adversity and maintain the cool with silence or polite words.
  • Patience in communication is an important factor as it helps to think before we speak. It is the test that each individual has to pass if he wants to become adept in this art. Remember it is tough to maintain one’s demeanor in adverse conditions but if you are able to pass this test then it is easy to become a good communicator. This is a skill that will strengthen friendship and pave the road for peace, prosperity, and harmony in life
  • Listening is a vital communication skill that opens doors in important places. Everyone appreciates an individual that has the ability of active listening. He is the go-to person in difficult situations and the one that people trust to offer unbiased opinions without making abrupt judgments.
  • Communication skills help a person to educate himself in the art of talking and listening. It improves personal relationships by helping people to understand one another. Remember failure to communicate properly has been the reason for the breakdown of several relationships and partnerships in life. It sours relationships and makes life harder and bitter.

2. Importance of communication in professional life

Importance of communication in professional life

Communication skills in professional life help in the development of a career and in achieving the desired professional goal. The importance of communication in professional life is explained below-

  • Communication has proved a valuable tool in professional life because it helps to build credibility and healthy relations with co-workers and management. This on-going process is reciprocal in nature because it helps people to understand each other.
  • Communication is the act of transferring information from one to another vocally via your speech and words, written via emails, websites, SMS, etc, visually via graphs, charts, maps or logo or non-verbally via pitch of the voice, gestures, signs, pause, silence and body language. When a person becomes an effective communicator he can make people understand his viewpoints and bring even adversaries in his corner easily. This is an important trait to have in a professional setting as it helps to deal and interact with all kinds of people in an easy-going and comfortable manner.
  • Effective communication is a necessity in business because it felicitates the growth and development of a business entity.
  • Communication can result in quality products and services, a greater level of trust, and a high level of creativity that leads to employee engagement, job satisfaction, high employee morale, and better workplace relationships.
  • When there is an open communication channel between the management and the employees it leads to minimum absenteeism and low employee turnover. The employees also become receptive to changes if it is for the betterment of the organization as well as the employees. This makes the workplace relationship much healthier
  • Developing communication skills helps in all spheres of professional life from meetings in the workplace to important social gatherings that can facilitate business.
  • When an applicant is applying for a job or looking for a raise or a promotion it is imperative that he demonstrates good communication skills.
  • Speaking appropriately, making eye contact, active listening, presenting ideas in a proper manner, speaking precisely are good communication skills to have in your corner as it will take the person far in his career.
  • As the career progresses the importance of effective communication skills can be felt everywhere. The ability to speak, question, write and listen with concise wording, proper language, and clarity of thoughts become essential to improve your standing in the workplace and amongst the clients and customers
  • In the course of a professional career, a person has to interact with people in and outside the organization for instance clients, employees, and managers. Good skills make certain that the point to be made is put across in a clear and calm manner to warrant productive results. It ensures the effective flow of information to relevant parties and minimizes the potential for any misunderstanding or dissatisfaction.
  • Consistent communication across a company makes sure that every employee from the lowest to the highest level understands the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Feedback is encouraged when the organization has an open communication policy as this is for the betterment of the company as well as its employees.

3. Importance of communication in society

The first act of a human being after arriving in this world is trying to communicate his feelings by crying. He then communicates his need for food and shelter in his mother’s arms again by crying.

Slowly and gradually he learns the meanings of words and starts speaking in the common language to communicate with others. A society cannot survive and grow if there is no proper communication between its members. The importance of communication in society is

  • Effective and meaningful communication is important to convey information in a society.
  • Good communication in society results in a transparent and open culture
  • It ensures an open approach amongst all the people to avoid misunderstandings
  • Good communication helps to clarity in thoughts and this has a direct influence on the quality of life.
  • The society as a whole can grow, develop and improve when there is better communication between its members.
  • It is communication that assists in expressing, analyzing, understanding and interpreting things in an effective manner
  • Without communication, there would not be education and without it no advancements in society
  • Engineers, doctors, IT professionals, etc are important pillars of society and it is communication that leads to transfer of knowledge and information
  • Technology reigns supreme in modern society. A person must have a deeper understanding of the new technological advancements so that he can use them for his personal and professional benefit and at the end of the day benefit society.
  • Communication is the basis to interact successfully in society.
  • The presence of numerous communication channels has helped the people in staying up-to-date with current affairs and important events and happenings in the society. The various mediums of communication have effectively transmitted information from one place to another
  • Entertainment in society is based on channels of mass communication like television, films and the internet and this is why both entertainment and communication are considered interlinked

4. Importance of communication in relationships and marriage

relationships and marriage

Marriage, as well as relationships, demands time, effort and understanding from the involved parties. If anyone asks about the mantra for a successful relationship or marriage then the most important one will surely be an open communication channel. The importance of communication is

  • Good communication skills is a gift that encourages clarity of thoughts so that one person can communicate with others in an effective manner
  • It is a fact that no communication means no interest and it implies an unhealthy relationship. This is why it becomes important to talk, discuss and communicate with each other on a regular basis. There would be less scope for misunderstanding and this would lead to better marital satisfaction
  • A strong bond is created only if both partners are able to communicate their thoughts in an effective manner. It means better satisfaction and a peaceful and loving relationship
  • Marriage or for that matter any relationship is a two-way street that demands regular discussions with each other and giving and receiving feedback with complete honesty. This ensures respect and trust and is possible only via better communication
  • Communication helps to express your emotions and feelings towards your spouse/partner in an expressive manner so that it can lead to better connection