Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership plays a significant role in motivating followers to get things done or improve. This is a method of energizing specific sense in others. This is attained by establishing eagerness in others to achieve a stated goal or vision.

This type of style believes in the persuasiveness and elegance of a leader. The leaders are also called “transformation leaders” at times as they share some common attributes. But the actual difference is the audience and focus.

When talking about a charismatic leader, Martin Luther King Jr. is always remembered. He had a dominant personality and a spirit which demanded change for the lives of numerous people. He was an influential orator who spoke for the change.

Comparison between Charismatic Leadership and Other Styles 

In “Charismatic Leadership Case Study with Ronal Reagan as Exemplar,” Mar Bell wrote that charismatic leadership is a leadership style that is recognizable but may be perceived with less tangibility than other leadership styles.

The transformational and this leadership believe in the capability of a leader to inspire the followers. Both the leaderships’ leaders motivate others to improve and to do good for society. Communicating, orating, and initiating are motivated in both the leaderships.

Now, when talking about democratic leadership and charismatic, there is often some sense of collaboration. Leaders guide their employees, team members in a particular direction. Also, they both place considerable responsibility on the leader.

Employees are encouraged by the leader to work harder. They want their employees to increase their productivity.

Benefits of Charismatic Leadership 

Benefits of Charismatic Leadership

These leaders are more like a warrior who fights for a better world for others. Preferably those who are underprivileged and don’t have their life together. They stand for the rights of people. Also, charismatic leaders have the courage of their belief.

The charismatic leader knows how to deal with the other workers who can improve them. They realize they gap between what any system delivers to its workers and what the workers need from the system. They show their followers a path of an ultimate target, which will be followed by them.

Qualities of a Charismatic Leader 

The merits or common characteristics which a charismatic leader should have are:

  1. The leader should have the courage to take risks. Also, a creative one is much appreciated.
  2. The leader should always be ready to help their workers or the people around him/her.
  3. The leader should have sentiment towards the environment.
  4. The leader should know the need of their employees and follower.

Charismatic leaders are formed and shaped by their work. Therefore, they become a well-known historical figure who demanded revolution. Indeed there should be training, specifically for those who want to be a charismatic leader. It should be about grand ambitions and powerful imaginations of current charismatic leaders or those from the past.

Quotations Given By Charismatic Leaders 

  1. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of the dedicated individual.”
  2. Jack Welsh: The essence of competitiveness is liberated when we make the people believe that when they think and do is essential — and then they get out of their way while they do it.”
  3. Mother Teresa: “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
  4. Lee Iacocca: “Motivation is everything. You can do the work of two people, but you can’t be the two people. Instead, you have to inspire the next guy down the line and get him to inspire his people.”
  5. Winston Churchill: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Advantages of Charismatic Leadership

Advantages of Charismatic Leadership

1. Inspiring others

The first thing that comes in mind is that a charismatic leader is full of charisma. They are inspiring and motivating. They work for the betterment of their workers. Similar to coaching leadership, the success of their workers is the success if the leader.

2. Companies that follow charismatic leadership are stable as they know their goals

Aim and setting targets in an organization are essential. As in this leadership, the companies already have their purpose clear, and it makes it stable and reliable. Not just the leader but their workers know the use of their duty. They abide by the targets and their work.

3. Companies are committed to the central mission 

As we have already mentioned that the target is essential. It is better to think of a specific mission instead of being confused with what to do. It leads the worker to the right path to complete the mission, which needs to be accomplished.

4. It creates a sense of togetherness and unity 

In this kind of organization, everyone is primarily working to achieve the same thing. None of the workers are getting anything more; each one is working for the same objectives.

Knowing that everyone is necessarily looking forward to the same achievement, it creates unity. Also, they feel connected to each other and motivate each other if anyone lacks motivation.

5. Flourishes learning behavior 

Charismatic leadership tends to flourish in learning and seeking behavior. Here, the subordinates learn from their mistakes instead of feeling uninspired. They can learn from mistakes to improve themselves.

For business, learning is a crucial part, and that, too, from previous mistakes, is great. It will help the worker grow in every aspect.

Disadvantages of Charismatic Leadership

1. Leaders may believe they are above the law 

It can be harmful at times as it can spoil the leader. We have already mentioned in the qualities of charismatic leadership that it is crucial to be sentimental. Since if a person develops an obsession that he/she is the leader, then he might dig a pit for himself/herself.

Sometimes they can violate the laws and ethical values.

2. Organizations can become fully dependent on the leader 

Yes, this can happen, which can lead to harm to the organization. If the leader retires, or leaves the company, or dies suddenly, then it can let the organization suffer. The main reason is that this kind of leader wins over all the employees for their charismatic leadership.

Moreover, due to these, they can’t value the employees of the company as the main part of the success of the company.

3. They don’t get good clarity

If you take a look at the charismatic leader, then you can see that it sometimes caught up to control it. All these things arise due to the potential danger with the company that they fail to see.

In these circumstances, the confidence that the charismatic leader has got to make the leader realize a wrong perception for success.

4. They don’t get successors or visionaries for company

The next thing that comes to the mind when the charismatic leadership arises is the lack of successors and visionaries. They often end up in retaining the office, and he believes in himself more than required.

In Charismatic leadership, it is challenging for the one to control the others or company without giving responsibility giving to others. Moreover, the environment that is present inside the company is not suitable as well.

Characteristics of a Charismatic Leader

Charismatic leadership is all about excellent communication skills.

Each of the leaders must be good in words and fluent in verbal communication. It means that they must able to communicate with their staff in an excellent and significant way. They must support the staff from their emotional level and helps in boosting the spirit inside them.

If you go for them, then you can see that they got the ability to go for the articulate the captivating or even compelling vision. Not only that, charismatic leaders to have got distinct things to dissect and decipher with the organization. For all these reasons, the capacity is to evoke strong emotions along with the followers as well.

The next thing that the leader base on this quality must do is to go for dissecting and decipher the word. They have got inefficiency that exists within an organization, and the traits are attributed to the leadership style as well. All these results come from critical thinking, and the facts and findings are that they solve the problems in the right way.

How does Charisma work in Charismatic Leadership?

The term Charisma has an excellent thing in this leadership process. It acts as an interface between the characteristics of the leader of Charisma. Charismatic leadership is all about the identification of the leader, along with their needs as well as circumstances. It, too, requires the charismatic leader, which includes the crisis that comes for the change.

In addition to these things, there are many other leadership things. This prominence is stated to be the way that they communicate with the members of the whole group. The ability of the items is too said to help to gain the trust of all followers and inspiration as well.

How Charismatic Leadership and Transformational Leadership are related?

How Charismatic Leadership and Transformational Leadership are related

When you are going for the charismatic leader, you can see that transformational leadership term arises. This term is the state of being the guidance that goes beyond Charisma. Transformational leadership involves the following things.

1. Motivation from inspiration

The very first element of the motivation is that it includes transformational leadership as well as charismatic leadership. When both of them are involved, they go for motivation as well as inspire the followers to help in executing at a very high level. Furthermore, they too dedicate their leadership to the organization.

2. Influence by idealization 

The next thing that comes to the mind is the capacity of the leader towards the employees. It must be noted that the leader must be good in moral as well as plays a decisive role in the whole model as well.

In the case of transformational leaders, they are the ones who all practice and look at various things, which include preaching as well as other trenches. Not only that; sometimes this Charismatic leadership and transformational leadership are the faces of the organization as well.

These are the top two things that you need to have in your leader. They will help in developing the thing in a good way without any problem.

What are the similarities between Charismatic Leadership and transformational leadership?

There is much confusion regarding these two leadership qualities. So, if you are planning for it, then you must know that the charismatic, as well as transformational leadership, are having many similarities.

If you take a look at the charismatic leadership, then the leaders are seen to be satisfied with the status. At the same time, transformational leadership is the one that makes the employees transform into the organization.

The next thing that you can have under transformational leadership is the use of Charisma. In the case of these leaders, they always lead the groups to perform the perfect work. Moreover, these leaders are very well known for the ability to identify as well as foster leadership that comes in the followers.

These similarities sometimes help to achieve the leaders what all they want to have in the company. It, too, goes for the betterment of the staff out there in the company.

Charismatic Leadership and its flip side

It is seen that charismatic leaders can be self-involved. It involves the things which include the people who all are supposed to be leading. In an excellent experience with all charismatic leaders, it is having a conversation with all of them.

But after the conversation happens with them, you can see that their attention moves to the other side. These leaders have their values, and these values are top ones. So, these things are state of being very much useful to you all. For all these things, it is very much well-intentioned, and it comes to the followers who all can transform the group.

Furthermore, these leaders are seen to be having significant values. All these things are useful as well as leaders are well-intention, and the followers can help to transform the things in the right way. All the charismatic leaders are not selfish, and they have got the power to go for the cults.

Not only that; these leaders have a firm belief in themselves. The belief is that they are infallible as well as they can blindly lead the followers into the abyss. Other than all, these elevated senses, too, result in the psychotic narcissism as well.

It shows how charismatic roles can have the flip side effects on the company and among staff. So, you need to take care of these things in a good way.

How to create an excellent charismatic leader?

Charismatic leadership is the leader who all can play an essential role in the company’s development. They are the leaders who all can have the inspiring as well as a clear vision. The economic, climatic things are incredibly challenging, and it is more essential who all can keep the motivation as well as the determination of the team members on a high note.

If you take a look at it then, you can see that they are shaped in a gallant way and having ethical aspirations. For all that, there must be specialized training for all individuals who are aspiring to become a charismatic leader for the company.

When you are thinking of becoming a charismatic leader, you must be having excellent communication skills. This skill is very much crucial within the organization to keep things in a suitable model. Moreover, these skills are too helpful in boosting the morale and confidence for every employee out there.

Not only that, but you also need to look at the things which include the training of situations for all individuals. There are many employees who all think to become charismatic leaders. For all of them, training is required, and it helps you in a great way.

So, these are the skills and other qualities that need to have with the charismatic leaders. These leaders state of being top ones, and they help you all in the right way for your employees and companies as well. For all these things, it is always good to go for the leader with excellent charisma skills.

Charismatic Leadership Wrap up!

With all these things in store for leadership, you need to make sure that they go for the right leader at the end.

If you are having no idea or want to gain knowledge about Charismatic leadership, then you can go for the above article.

The article shows how direction plays a vital role in employees mind and give them confidence.

So, make sure to have the best leader for the company.

To get a whole idea about everything, make sure to go for the different categories that are mentioned here, and make it happen.

How significant do you find Charismatic Leadership for effective business management? Share your perspectives with us in the comments below.