Online Meetings and Software

Online Meetings Software and Services

It’s not feasible to have everyone in the same room for a meeting when you have multiple locations or remote team members. Online video conference software permits clients and coworkers to connect remotely for business calls, virtual presentations or webinars. The best online video conferencing programs go beyond standard video chat, incorporating whiteboards and direct collaboration capabilities to let participants participate in a virtual meeting like they are face to face. Other useful features include calendar integrations as well as the ability to record video of the session to be used in the future for references.

During the process of selecting an online meeting program businesses must look over pricing levels and features to make sure they’re getting the most value for their money. Some video conferencing software online is priced per user, while others are free. Users should also check additional charges, such as subscriptions or storage space.

Signing up for a demo or trial is a good option to test an online video conference program. It gives users the chance to experience how the platform integrates with their preferred tools like calendars and project management applications. Additionally, it’s crucial to test the program’s performance and stability. A high-performing online video conference program will also have a long track record of uptime and support available 24/7.

Gatheround is an online meeting software that promotes team bonding and interaction by providing customizable templates and games to break the ice. Its unique feature of member-matches couples attendees who are meeting to stimulate conversations and keep them from feeling left out or isolated.