Brand Name

The brand name is a brand element that lets the people/audiences/customers identify and differentiate a brand from another. Great brand name examples serve two purposes- identification and verification.

Most strong brand names comprise shared qualities that play a crucial role in a brand’s identity and memorability. When you choose a name for a brand, the main part of creating a powerful business identity is finding a word or combination of words that the target audiences can easily remember and relate to.

What is a Brand Name?

The brand name is the product’s name, which is applied by a manufacturer to differentiate its product from others. It is one of the elements of the branding process that has particular relevance.

The brands’ name must be effective, and a company should choose this after adopting extensive research. A brand name doesn’t need to be associated with the product. A brand name can be based on animals or birds, places, or people.

What is the Role of Brand Name?

A brand name of a company’s product can act as a:

1. Basis of identification

With the help of a brand name, a consumer can differentiate a company’s product or brand from other products.

2. Basis of verification

The brand name provides an authentication towards a product, which means whether it’s a genuine product or another substitute.

Constituents of Effective Brand Name Ideas

A brand name’s effectiveness is essential for a company as it is the first thing with which a consumer is introduced. A good and effective brand should constituent the following features:

  • Easy to pronounce and memorable
  • Unique and extendable
  • Capable of legal protection and registration
  • Provides an idea about the product’s benefit and uses
  • Provide a clear view of the product category
  • Can be converted into foreign languages
  • Should not have bad/ abusive meaning in another language

Steps to Choose an Effective Business Name – Process of naming your Brand

1. Develop Strategy

Before heading towards the process of brand naming, a company should first decide on a strategy. A strategy should be made concerning the following criteria:

1. If the company has enough resources for the brand naming process or hires someone for outsourcing this service.

2. Decide what kind of name a company wants for its product, be it descriptive, invented or founder’s name, or any other type.

3. Decide what the brand name needs to accomplish.

4. Determine the objective criteria which will be used to evaluate the potential names.

2. Create a pool of potential Names

In this step, a company needs to develop a pool of potential names. This means that, make a list of names that can suit the company’s needs best. A company may need to have plenty of names because of two reasons:

1. Many brand names were already a part of any company, so some will get straightway rejected in the next step.

2. A variety of names will help a company to decide the unique and best brand name for a product.

For this step, a company can use the brainstorming technique and invite some unique brand names from the company’s employees.

3. Evaluation as per the pre-determined criteria

When a company is ready with a list of potential names, the next step is to evaluate these names. The evaluation should be done based on pre-determined criteria. In this step, a company can ask employees, friends, or relatives about a brand name’s suitability. The reaction of these people can help a company to decide on a unique brand name.

4. Testing

This step of the naming process means that a company should test the decided name in terms of pronunciation, verbal sounding, and personality. A brand name should not be confusing, misspelled continuously, or mispronounced. It should sound good even on the phone, convey the brand personality, and have a URL that works.

5. Protection

A company should protect its name. This provides an ability to the company that can prevent them from future competitors. A company can get its brand name registered or patent so that no other company can use its name in any product.

6. Post-naming-process

Once the company decides on the brand name, the next step is to develop a brand logo, tagline, brand story, brand personality, brand messaging, or other branding process elements.

Importance of choosing the right Brand Name

An Effective Brand Name is essential for a company because a brand name gives a chance to make a first impression. If a brand name is effective, it can stay in the consumer’s mind for a long time.

But when it is ineffective, it can be possible that a consumer can recognize your brand virtually but fails to remember it for a long time.

A company should create a great first impression on consumer’s minds with a unique and effective brand name. This will make you create more opportunities for a company to grow rapidly.

Examples of Effective Brand Names

Any brand that a person can remember after just hearing the product category is an example of an effective brand name.

For instance, if a person is asked to think about a search engine, probably Google comes first to mind.

This is how a brand name works for a company. Other examples can be Apple, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

Wrap Up!

On the concluding note, we hope you would have understood what a brand name is and what steps you need to follow to decide your business, company, or domain names.

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