Advertising is a communication medium that utilizes a persuasive selling message about a product or service to influence the buying behaviour/purchase decision of the target audience.

From traditional advertising to online advertising to social media and search advertising, all kinds of media advertising strategies serve the purpose of widening the brand reach, penetrating the target market, attracting new customers, generating leads, and optimizing conversions/sales.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is the technique of connecting and communicating with a target group of customers or consumers to promote a specific brand, product, or service. Because of this promotion, people develop a tendency to purchase and use the commodities offered by the company.

The basic idea behind advertising campaigns is to connect with several users and make them aware of a product or service. Advertising has become a massive industry due to the growing competition. Every company and brand wants to win the race of getting a more extensive customer base for their products and services.

Thus, the level of advertising becomes an essential factor in determining progress. Any platform like magazines, televisions, newspapers, etc., can be viable for advertising campaigns for meeting and converting the target audience.

History of Advertising

If anyone gets into the history books and looks for the term advertising, they will find it in the Egyptian era pages. Scientists could get rock paintings from 4000 BC that were used to promote various items. Also, Rome and Greece have some artefacts that claim a similar trend in the region.

In 2000BC, old Egyptians’ steel carvings are examples of old advertising practices. The very first print ad example can be seen in 1472. In 1704, the first newspaper ad was used in the US. Then, in the year 1835, the very first billboard ad in the US showed carnival/circus posters. The very first ad on the radio was used in 1922.

However, at the beginning of the 19th century started evolving a bit more than earlier. The concept back then was relatively narrow and didn’t possess many features. The only thing running at that time used to be newspapers and some informational magazines along with radio and TV ads.

Features of Advertising

Features of Advertising

Similar to the usual marketing practices, advertising does have a specific set of principles. These principles help it to be at the top place among any marketing campaign. The basic idea remains the same, i.e., to promote the product to potential customers.

1. Paid Communication Model

There is no doubt that communication is essential to share information and knowledge. It usually takes between two individuals or parties for the exchange of ideas. However, advertising is the same version of the communication model but with a price tag.

Companies tend to spend thousands of dollars on building an effective advertising method. The goal is to reach the consumer and urge them to buy the product. Further, the price may vary according to the type or model of advertising.

2. Target Audience

Advertising without a particular area to target is like aiming an arrow in the dark. The companies have to specify their target audience that they are trying to catch. Moreover, it will help them to narrow their range to put efforts that will eventually be successful.

For instance, promoting the latest smartphone to senior citizens is entirely worthless. Therefore, it is better to use your resources on customers who will most probably buy the product.

3. Platform

As mentioned earlier, several market brands try to lead and have a good share. Similarly, there are several platforms on which they can initiate the advertising campaign.

However, it is essential to understand that you need to select the platform wisely. Also, the timing of your commercials will put a huge difference in the long run.

4. Creativity

This is something that every advertising campaign has in common for the most part. If the brands can creatively use their advertising techniques, the audience is more likely to join them.

Also, try to be different than others who are already in the race. This will increase the overall chances of getting an effective campaign under the brand.

6 Types of AdvertisingTypes of Advertising

Different types of advertising are there that a business can use to optimize the business presence and convert the target audience. Let us understand different types of advertisements that a brand can use-

1. Online Advertising/Digital Advertising

With the booming presence of digital channels, online marketing has become one of the most powerful platforms for running a wide variety of advertisements on the web. Different types of online ads that a business can use are-

  • Local website ads
  • Business web pages
  • Pay per click ads
  • Social Media Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc
  • Email advertisement

2. Newspaper advertising

Running ads in the newspapers is one of the oldest forms of advertising that is still prevalent. Newspaper advertisements can still be very effective in reaching target audiences and conveying messages in the best possible manner.

3. Direct mail

Using direct mails for advertising is still contemporary and powerful in helping advertisers in sharing brand/business messages and boosting sales. It can be costly if you send direct mail via post, but delivering flyers, brochures, etc. directly to residences and businesses in your target market can be quite cost-effective here.

4. Cable TV and radio

Running advertisements on TV or radio channels is one of the oldest and powerful ways of optimizing brand awareness, reach, and conversions for relevant products or services.

5. Cold calling

Advertising a brand, product, or service by phone or in-person is still considered very useful in establishing a connection with the target audience that enjoys a good amount of conversions.

6. Vehicle (wrap) advertising

With the help of this type of advertising, a vehicle is used in the form of a “mobile billboard” that is quite effective in optimizing the exposure of a brand or business.


There are several advantages of having a unique and effective advertising trick to use in the market. Therefore, the brand with the same can enjoy the following perks,

1. Introducing a Product

It is the sole reason for many brands to promote their newly launched product in the market. Further, customers get to know about the latest addition in the company that they can try. Also, some new startups use advertising to promote themselves along with the service they provide.

2. Enhance Sales

It is an obvious thing that it will have a positive impact on the overall sales of the brand. This is where the companies can widen their market scale to reach out to potential customers. Hence, users at long distances will feel connected to the roots of the manufacturers.

3. Reduce Competition

If a brand tends to have a better advertising technique, other competitors will step back. This can be used as an opportunity to grow in the market and have a commanding position. Also, the customers will have a stronger bond with the brand that is more likely to appear.


Advertising is mainly used to get benefits from the customers as companies pay a lot of money. However, everything has its pros and cons. Thus, here are some disadvantages of advertising.

1. Increase Production Cost

The charges that the brand will pay for advertising need to be covered somehow. Several companies spike up the product price to get a marginal profit. However, the customers might feel uncomfortable in paying that price instead of the earlier tag.

2. Monopoly in the Market

A company with more funds will have better advertising facilities. This will further add to their profits in the long run. Hence, small organizations will not be able to compete in the market. Moreover, MNCs can dominate the price as well.

3. Misleading Information

Everything shown in the advertisement is not true in every word. Sometimes the product description is hiked to lure the customers. However, the reality can be different and annoying. This will eventually backfire, and the customer’s trust is lost.

Wrap Up!

In the end, it is safe to say that advertising is only effective if done within a limit. The companies should consider all the factors before starting the campaign. Also, providing quality service to the customers should be the priority.

How effective do you find advertising campaigns for optimizing the presence, reach, sales, and conversions of a brand or business?