Apple Advertising

Apple advertising is one of the most powerful reasons behind the existence of Apple Inc. as the most valuable brand in the world. It is built on simplicity and comprises a powerful narrative. Apple ads reach the consumer’s emotions with the right language. The worth of 2021 Apple is 87% more than Google which is the second most valuable brand.

Apple’s advertising is based upon its 4 P’s of Marketing-

  • Apple Products- Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Software,
  • Apple Price – They use premium pricing for their products, and users are also fine paying a higher price compared to some other brands because their products come up with the ‘premium’ branding
  • Apple Promotion- They run their ads on the tagline think different that focuses on establishing how their products are different from competitors
  • Apple Place- Apple has strict guidelines for its distribution network that includes Apple Stores, Online Apple Store and App Store, Authorized retailers such as Telecom Companies

What is Apple Advertising?

Apple Advertising is one of the most effective strategies used by the company to get customers. From customer retention to satisfaction and everything in between, Apple rose to become a company founded in a garage to boasting a 28,00,000 sqft. Office in Cupertino.

Several notable factors have been an effective ingredient in this successful recipe, and one of the most indispensable ones remains the apple commercials or ads. Unlike the significant market competitors like Samsung or OnePlus, Apple created stories rather than advertisements.

From the incomparable selection of background music to every frame of the commercial to the flawless colors or the innocent reactions captured through the lens of the similarly capable devices. Featuring ordinary people as actors, Apple has always been at the forefront with its approach to put the customers on the highest priority.

Features of Apple’s Advertising and Marketing Strategy

1. Apple Product placement

Apple used celebrities to do word-of-mouth marketing. It likewise persuades and sends items to a few content makers and social influencers to test and share feedback while an enormous group of people would be watching those reviews

By the by, the review of the influencers and users are loaded with positives that ensure highlighting of top features. This sort of free trial was presented in 1884 with the “Test Drive a Macintosh” crusade.

As per Nielsen’s examination on purchaser trust in advertising, 92% of the customers depend on suggestions by loved ones, and the other 70% depend on review details distributed on the web.

2. The simple and subtle approach

Rather than utilizing jargon and profoundly innovative terms (which at times only confuse the clients), Apple understands the consumers and utilize straightforward and direct words that appear to be valuable like “durable glass and aluminum design”, “5.5-inch retina HD show”, “triple-camera framework”, etc.

They opt for monochromatic background and simple words, that pull in the purchasers. Apple stores also have moderate interiors, for the most part, monochromatic with warm lighting that offers a comfortable shopping experience to the users.

3. Value Proposition

Apple emphasizes its USP in the forms of exquisite and stylish designs, usability, and privacy, all of which legitimize the value it charges for the particular item. Opting for Apple products ensures a magical and premium experience. In contrast to other brands, it centers basically around the whole item and not only on one perspective.

Even though moderate and brief, the product description provides knowledge about the item and lays out the entirety of its most exceptional highlights in straightforward language. The USP of Apple is associated with its zeal to create a safe as well as the reassuring ecosystem that makes users want to remain part of it. They not only pay heed to increase their market share, but they also focus on growing their customer share.

4. It’s Lifestyle

Apple becomes an integral part of the lifestyle of its users. Apple products keep bringing back customers to the store. Apple uses innovations and mind-boggling technology to make its product feel more than just electronics.  Owning Apple is an experience.

For instance, when you buy an Apple Watch, it has applications to watch out for your heart which implies that it has an ECG application to check the pulse. In the same way, the subtle form of Apple advertising is quite pivotal in establishing an emotional connection with Apple users that compel them to have a tendency to opt for an Apple product every time when the brand launches any new item.

5. Emotional Connections

As discussed above, Apple products are an integrated part of the lifestyle of its consumers, and hence Apple’s items are quite successful in making a favorable connection with their users. Making a sustainable connection with the audiences and enjoy a loyal customer base are the most crucial components of Apple’s advertising.

Apple’s brand promise, as well as its products, are quite successful in creating a feeling of excitement, amazement, and entertainment. Such feature sets make Apple ads and products go viral, for example, the ability of Siri to crack jokes.

Top Apple Advertising Examples – Popular Apple Ads

The following are some of Apple’s most innovative and famous advertisements

1. 1984  (1984)


The Apple ad campaign has dramatic cinematography regarding George Orwell’s dystopian classic, which had revolutionized the way the world was perceiving computers.

2. Crazy Ones (1997)

Crazy Ones

This advertisement became the first launch in the ‘Think Different’ campaign by Apple. Apple uses this black and white commercial to align its brand with internationally recognized revolutionaries. This ad honored celebrities such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Picasso for their progressive ideas and world-changing work.

3. Three Steps (1998)

Three Steps

This advert features Cue Jeff Goldblum, who provides a straightforward explanation of how to set up an iMac at home, and it doesn’t even take three steps.

4. Silhouette (2003- 2008)


This advertisement leaves a lasting impact in the eyes of the audience worldwide. It features striking colors, the Black-Eyed Peas, Daft Punk, and the movement paired with memorable tracks from the likes of U2.

5. Hello (2007)

Hello (2007)

In 2007, this advert had its world premiere at the Oscars. This advertisement features legends and characters such as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and SJP as Carrie Bradshaw, who was answering the phones with the word ‘Hello’.

6. The Rock x Siri: Dominate the Day (2017)

The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day (2017)

This was another advert that features the ability of Siri. It showcased that Siri plays a sidekick to the Rock’s superhero character. It was a hit on silver and small screens worldwide.

7. WWDC Commercial (2017)

WWDC Commercial (2017)

This advert envisions a disaster-stricken world without apps, and the results are funny. It was a great opportunity for Apple to poke fun at itself.

Wrap Up!

The main products that Apple offers today are the iPhone and iPad. The brand generates most of its revenues when users subscribe to one of their services like iCloud or the new Apple News or when they buy a new piece of hardware or download any paid application.

With their ads and marketing campaigns, Apple wants to create a safe as well as a reassuring ecosystem that lets Apple users want to be part of it in a loyal manner. The recent value proposition of Apple ads seemed to be geared towards protecting privacy and being part of a fully secure ecosystem.

What according to you is the USP of Apple’s ads? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.