Body Language

Body language lets you speak without words. You can be more powerful through your body language, plus if you can read other’s nonverbal signals, you can resolve powerful oppositions too.

All in all, body language is a tremendous factor that enables others to make an assessment about you when you meet or greet them.

Stats also claim that the way we speak through our physical appearance decides 93% of our impression on others while 7% of our impression depends on what we speak.

Leaders, celebrities, and tip-top individuals normally pull in others. Their personality keeps others intrigued by them with the intensity of their body language.

They know very well that the words that come out of the mouth aren’t basically as important as non-verbal communication. What’s more, others inadvertently make critical conjectures about you inside the initial interactions.

That is the reason they build attraction around them quickly.

So, if you also want to have that kind of aura that others start taking interest in you the moment you enter, you have to establish a connection with individuals with the intensity of your body language.

In this post, we will understand how to make a connection with individuals by using the intensity of your body language. So, without any further ado, let us get started-

What is Body Language?

Have you ever felt someone being inattentive when you’re talking to them?

Have you come across someone who is hyperactive that all your focus goes to the way they’re motioning rather than their talk?

Do you have no idea how to position your hands while giving a presentation?

If you have experienced these, then it’s all because of body language.

It’s easy to notice other’s actions while conversing. It says a lot about that person.

Body Language is a significant part of our daily life. Wherever we go, our body defines us more than what we speak. It gives a subtle sign of what they are thinking but not exhibiting.

Even though they might appear to be interested in talking to you, they might not be. So, we’ll see how to read a body language and what it tells about that person.

What can a body language tell about a person?

Imagine a scenario that Tony Stark enters in Stark Expo.

The moment he landed there, his body language stated- “I’ve shown up – hear the thunder of my trumpets”.

His every step and movements gave the presence of him skimming around the room. Indeed, he radiated confidence and absolute certainty. He showed it through his brilliant expansive grin, we postured shoulders and head held high.

And then he started to talk.

Many in the room later stated that his voice resembled a powerhouse with celestial magic.

What’s more, his non-verbal signals and words were well synced. Participants in the expo emitted with an overflowing of feelings. Indeed – he overflowed power. Others craved to get acknowledgment from him.

This is the power of body language.

While talking to someone, it’s easy to figure out what’s going on in their mind by their facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, and a lot of other body language.

Let us have a look upon some of the body languages and their significance in our lives-

1. How our eyes speak

How our eyes speak

Do you have someone in your life where you both converse through your eyes?

Having someone who understands you that well is amazing, right?

Eyes say a lot about a person. They may not be crying, but they sure would be going through a lot internally. Apart from that, eye-contact is how you meet the love of your life.

Eye contact is enough to make someone go head over heels for you. Another scenario is staring. No one likes that constant gaze; it’s horrid unless that person is someone you love. So, eye contact is a part of body language, which is essential in terms of many things.

Let’s say that the person you’re talking to is blinking a lot. – It means that he is nervous or feeling uneasy for some reason.

If the person is making eye contact and talking to you without shifting his eyes even a bit- Then it means he is interested in knowing more about you.

Try to observe the eyes of the person you love when you talk to them next time, a dilated pupil indicates that he/she is attracted to you.

2. Language of your gestures and postures

Let’s go to the next important part in terms of body language that is your arms and legs.

You can find out how confident or how secured someone is by analyzing their gestures and postures.

Crossed arms or legs indicate he is a private person. If he keeps moving his fingers and hands, it means he is irritated or uninterested.

Your hand gesture and also your posture tell whether you’re friendly or not too. If you’re sitting upright, it shows you’re open to talks and discussions with people.

In a work environment, there are rules you need to follow, and the important thing is to maintain a minimum distance among people, especially women. So, you might not realize, but it is of concern if you’re talking too close to people.

Ways to Improve your Body Language to portray a Confident Self

Ways to Improve your Body Language to portray a Confident Self

Your home is where you stay without any rules. But when you step outside, you need to create a positive vibe among people and appear to people that you’re confident enough.

There are certain aspects you need to keep in mind while talking to neighbors, co-workers, or your higher-ups. Some of them are:

Before that, would you be okay when someone talks to you gaping at your eyes or fidgeting while talking or not giving a firm handshake? How would you interpret his intentions?

Not so positive for sure, right?

You get weird thoughts and try to end the conversation as soon as possible if you find the other person lacking interest. Let’s see some of the important body languages you need to have to spread an aura wherever you go.

  • A sweet smile is all you need to catch the attention of people around you. How often do you voluntarily smile and greet people? It’s effortless. All you have to do is to smile, keep in mind not the plain uninterested smile, the lively, energetic one.
  • Handshakes are often talked about so pretty sure you would know about how giving a firm handshake takes your personality to a whole new level. Shows you’re a confident person and also that you are a good leader.
  • Having eye contact is the key to win over anyone. No one likes a person who is constantly looking away while talking. Whether you’re giving a presentation or talking to your boss, eye-contact is important than you know.
  • Most of them are afraid to talk in public and not sure how to move their hands when they’re talking. Practice talking and expressing more with people close to you. It is important to have a good hand gesture to engage your audience in your talks. You don’t want people to fall asleep in a conference after a week full of hard work on that speech, right?
  • If you’ve observed in Ted Talks, most of the speakers walk around, make hand gestures, and also engage the audience by asking questions. It shows they are confident enough, want to engage their audience and friendly. They are great leaders. It’s not a huge task as all you have to do is to use your hands and eyes effectively.
  • If you’re someone who finds it hard to give a presentation, let your thoughts flow and stop the fear of getting judged. No great leader has perfected in one shot. Have an attitude that shows who you are. Even in interviews, your body language and posture matter a lot. It shows you’re confident and apt for any role.

Now, in the final section, we will discuss the 30 body language tips that will empower your body language in the most powerful and engaging manner-

25 Most Crucial Body Language Signals & their Meaning

25 Most Crucial Body Language Signals & their Meaning

1. Nodding Your Head

Incorporating this body language signal in your communication will help in calming down others making the connection with them and showing better understanding.

2. Having an Authoritative Gaze

If you want to have a commanding look, then you should have an authoritative gaze, as it is one of the prime characteristics of successful leaders. It tells how definite and important you are.

3. Running Your Fingers in Your Hair

Such body language signal tells others that you are unclear what to state, and also you are lacking confidence or frustrated now. You should avoid such signals in professional meetings.

But at the time of dating, playing with hair is the sign of flirt or romance.

4. Feeling down or can’t believe the signal

When you hold your hands behind the rear of your neck in a manner that your elbows point forward- it shows that you are feeling down. It also tells us that you cannot believe the present circumstance.

You can without much of a stretch notification this signal on sports channels, or during some match.

5. Smarty-pants or Know-it-all signal

When you touch your fingertips during a discussion then it implies that you are sure and know everything about the topic you are discussing.

6. Being dejected or I’m Blue Signal

When you walk or talk with your hands in pockets, it makes you look down and out. It is a signal of feeling discouraged, despondent, or dismal about something.

7. Stroking Chin

It gives the signal that the listener is making a decision about you. It implies that an individual is attempting to settle on a choice on something.

8. Pointing Fingers

It is a sign of aggression and hence when you point fingers towards somebody, it gives the indication of hostility.

9. Voice Tone

It is a very crucial body language that lets a lot about the speaker. In case somebody thinks about you as their equivalent, their tone will be normal without being too high or excessively low. But, in case the voice tone of the speaker is higher than expected then it implies they are dominating or belittling you.

10. Mirroring Actions

It is a typical body language signal in which if somebody mirrors your activities then it implies they are attempting to develop an affinity with you. You may check it by changing your gestures or postures.

11. Looking upwards on the left side

This body language signal tells that speaker is thinking about you or contemplating the past, or attempting to recall something.

12. Pulling the Ear

This is “What to do?” signal and it tells that you are unsure about something.

13. Touching Nose and Slightly Rubbing it

This body language signal tells that there’s something fishy. It suggests that the speaker is having questions about something or misleading you.

14. Playing with the pen, paper, cell or anything

In the event that you discover somebody is giving such body language signals while you are conversing with him then it implies he or she isn’t keen on whatever you are stating, or he or she is attempting to maintain a strategic distance from you.

15. Use of Smile

When we smile at someone, he or she will smile back. It happens because we subliminally mimic those things which we see. This is a helpful and successful signal that can compel others to see you in a positive light.

16. Looking down or turning the face away

This implies that the person can’t believe what you had said. It is a signal of disbelief or dismay. Analyzing this gesture will tell you whether you should continue sharing your views or not.

17. Rubbing the palm or both of the hands

If you get such a body-language signal from your audiences then it means that you are winning them. It tells that your audiences are keen on whatever you’re going to show them.

18. Place Your Drinks Low

You should not hold your drinks before your body. Rather, keep it close to your leg. When you keep anything before your body, others don’t feel associated with you on a more profound level.

19. Hand gestures of Keeping your palm up

This body-language signal tells me that I feel fine with you. It tells about your receptiveness and friendliness. Your audiences will trust your words and enjoy your company.

20. Leaning forward

This signal tells that you are making conversations interesting for your listeners. So, if you see your audience is leaning towards you then it demonstrates that you have engaged him interestingly.

21. Clasping hands behind your head and crossing your legs

This shows that an individual is feeling like a champ in the present circumstance. Individuals will, in general, make this stance when they complete a task before others.

22. Have Lion’s Eye

With this signal, you will keep your eyes centered while conversing with somebody, and it will suggest that you are dedicated, comfortable, and honest.

23. Toffee Eyes

When your eyes blink a lot, it gives the signal of nervousness or apprehension. It also tells that you are restless about something.

Remain quiet and attempt to hinder your eye squinting rate, particularly when you begin to feel anxious… At the point when you flicker your eyes rapidly with anxiety, it shows that you have toffee eyes, and you are so awkward.

24. Smiling with a tilted head

This body language signal tells about the genuine likeness. In case somebody makes this signal while conversing with you, it implies they like you and are cheerfully occupied with discussion with you.

25. Warm Palms

When you have warm palms while making handshakes, you include excitement in your handshake. That is the reason; you should keep your palms warm, particularly when you are meeting with someone highly important.

Final Thoughts about Body Language!

Each one carries an attitude, and you need to build an attitude of your own to be different.

Leaders spread a vibe that as soon as they enter, there is a sort of energy flowing, and the ambiance becomes livelier. You can feel it in your bones; you would straight away be attentive just by a single word by them.

So, observe people, talk to them, network and practice numerous times as that’s what will help you become better if not today tomorrow for sure.

Always stay positive and let positive thoughts flow as it automatically improves your body language. Being in the present and not having thoughts about others judging you is what you need to be good at wherever you go.

How important do you consider the role of body language in professional as well as personal life?