Different Means of Communication

When we are writing this post for you, it is nothing but a written form of communication through which we are sharing ideas and information about the ‘means of communication’.

So, all in all, communication is the sharing of information among individuals.

Establishing excellent communication is a skill that needs to be developed. We all have various ideas, concepts, and information that we are eager to share and apply in our daily lives.

In a world where communication is of the utmost importance, it is crucial to develop the right means of communication.

In this post, we will take you into the world of different means of communication that can enable you to share your ideas in the best possible manner.

Different Means of Communication

Types of Communication

There are numerous means of communication. They enable smooth communication.

Some of them are traditional, while some of them use advanced technology.

1. Postal services

This service delivers the content through letters. The postal service of a region is administered either by the government or by some private postal service. One can send inland letters, postcards, and envelopes using the postal service network.

This is one of the oldest yet most prominent means of communication available at your disposal to help you in your need of communicating ideas.

2. Telephonic service

Telephones are also widely used as a means of communication. They connect people and enable the transmission of voice through telephone sets. It has been the one means of communication that has witnessed great technological advancements in the last few decades.

Smartphones have revolutionized this means of communication by leap and bound.

3. Courier service

This service sends and receives packets, parcels, and envelopes. There are some private courier services as well as the standard government courier service.

They ensure that the courier is delivered without breach of communication, privacy, and confidentiality.

4. Internet

In this world of internet ruling our lives, it is impossible to break it away from communication. The internet has revolutionized communication and given modern means like emails and chats.

The Internet has alleviated the ways of communicating in the most effective manner and because of this; communicating ideas have become so easy that you can now communicate via video calls in a jiffy.

5. Presentation

This is a mode of communication that is of a one-to-many nature. It enables the sharing of ideas with a group of people. There can be audio and visual supplements too.

t is generally a formal and crisp way of mass communication. For professional communication, presentations are considered the most effective means of communication.

6. Radio and Television

In mass communication, the media of radio and television are very important. They are used to establish a mass appeal. They carry news, announcements, advertisements, and entertainment to the people.

Having the deepest penetration in the audience segment, radio and television are still the most effective means of communication for addressing the widest audience segments in the time of need.


Communication forms an integral part of our daily lives.

It can be carried out through the four types and the several means and modes of communication.

Different means of communication are used for reaching out to target audiences in the most adept and befitting manner possible, so the outcome of that communication accomplishes the objective.

Which one amongst the aforementioned means of communication is your favorite one? Share your views with us in the comments below.